Ready Mix Concrete

Jensen Rock & Sand Inc., a family owned business from the beginning, has proudly delivered quality concrete for over 60 years. We have six plants throughout northern South Dakota with locations in Mobridge, Aberdeen, Eagle Butte, Gettysburg, McLaughlin, & Ft. Yates, ND. We strive to be the best at what we do and know that our valued customers come first. Our trucks are radio dispatched and equipped with GPS Tracking for convenient and prompt delivery. Our continuous quality control testing performed according to ACI Standards ensures that our customers are receiving quality concrete.

Concrete Truck 1976

Concrete Truck 2011

Eagle Butte Plant 1972

Eagle Butte Plant 2011


There are numerous value added options available today including a rainbow of colors. The use of polypropylene fibers, accelerators, and high range water reducers better known as superplasticizers to meet the customer’s needs. This requires the capability of providing standard mixes as well as highly technical mixes to meet the most stringent requirements of any specialized project. The color choices and finishing options for concrete are unlimited. By combining integral concrete color and techniques such as stamping or stenciling you can achieve a very unique look for a patio, driveway, or any other concrete project you may have. We handle Butterfield Color Uni-Mix Integral powder or liquid colorant, colored release agents for the stamping process & Sierra Stain for concrete already in place.

Stamped and Colored Concrete
Colored and Stamped

Stained Floor
Stained Floor

Take Care of Your Concrete

Once you have made the investment of new concrete it is important that you protect it by applying a sealer. TK-290 TRI-SILOXANE can be used to protect and seal any clean and dry cementitious surface, above ground vertical and horizontal. It protects the surface against damaging effects of water intrusion, acid rain, deicing chemicals, freeze/thaw exposure, airborne dirt, smog, industrial fumes, and most other atmospheric chemicals. The most common winter damage to concrete paving is scaling, which is caused by repeated cycles of freezing and thawing in the presence of de-icers, road salts and moisture. Water is absorbed into the very fine capillary spaces and hairline cracks in concrete. When the water freezes it expands 9% in volume. This expansion can physically break the concrete bonds & cause it to flake, pit, spall and crack. Sealing the concrete reduces the amount of water absorption. We have TK 290 Sealer and TK Bright Kure & Seal in stock to assist you in protecting your investment.

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